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How to Paint Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Free Fragments: How to Paint Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Paint Cherry Blossom Nail Art

DIY Cherry Blossom Nail Art Tutorial. My favorite combination, pink and mint green, is perfect for those looking forward to spring!

1. I placed a base coat of Essie's Linen, a sheer white color. You can use opaque white as well for a more vibrant look.

2. I sponged ColorClub's mint green on the tips, blending out to the clear white. For this, I recommend ripping the sponge before you use it to avoid straight lines on your nails and using a light hand. Then go over just the tips with a second layer.

3. Using a small brush I painted branches in brown. Just two to three long sweeping lines across the bottom of the nails.

4. Dots! I used white, a light pink and a medium pink.I used a dotting tool, but the end of a bobby pin would work as well. I didn't try to make them perfect, I just experimented with placing dots on top of each other or near each other to give the illusion of blooms.

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