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Free Fragments

Free Fragments: February 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Flash Fiction

It's quite cheesy and romantic, but hey, it is nearing Valentine's Day. The prompt was: your perfect date.

He surprised her with a bout of tickling. The forward movement sent them tumbling across the grass and the slight slope rolled them downwards in shrieks of laughter. They made it back up to the hill eventually and sprawled across the blanket. She used the chopsticks and almost "dropped" each california roll before getting them safely into his mouth. They chopped happily on edamane and cucumber salad and rolls. His hands toyed with her splayed-out skirt. They picked out random pieces of grass from each others' hair. They watched the people, couples hand-in-hand, children running around the jungle gym, a lone man tossing bread to the ducks. They leaned back and let the sun wash over them. Something blocked the sun and she looked up at the face of her beloved. Smiling was the most natural response.