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Free Fragments

Free Fragments: February 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013

TJ Maxx haul and deals

During the Anthropologie Boxing Day 30% off clearance sale I picked up these super cute ice cream bowls by Biscuit (among other purchases). I only bought two (I currently rent a room and do not have cupboard space for my own stuff) but my fiancé and I will finally be moving in together soon. Imagine my joy at finding more cute bowls at TJ Maxx Homegoods! At only $4 each they were not much more expensive than the Anthropologie deal.

They are not exactly the same (they are made by someone different) but they are so very similar that it hardly makes a difference. The raspberry colored ones are from Anthropologie, and was the last color they had on sale, but I think I prefer the blue ones.

TJ Maxx also had larger versions of the bowls, not exactly the same color but so pretty. I bought two of these as well. I think they will look great in my future kitchen!

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